Solar systems are an exciting technology developed over the years. Since inception, the cost have come down dramatically to a point where solar produced power is cheaper than that supplied by Eskom.

It is a very environmentally friendly method of producing electricity and maintenance is kept to a minimum.


Grid Tied systems

This system operates when the sun is shining and produces electricity for own consumption. Under certain circumstances and subject to terms and conditions you may feed back into the supply grid to receive credit on your account or credit kw that you may use later.

Hybrid Systems

This system is basically the same as the grid tied system but with the addition of storage of produced solar power for own consumption later.

Electricity can be stored in various ways but the most basic is battery storage. Lithium Ion technology is being developed continuously and is becoming more cost efficient. The longevity of the batteries makes them profitable for use.

This system replaces a noisy generator and the costly operating thereof.

No interruption of power supply and you will not notice loadshedding.

Off Grid Systems

This system is a complete off grid system. You are in no way connected to an external electricity supply. The solar system produces and stores all your energy needs.

In bigger systems this can be combined with a generator where the storage system runs low due to continuous bad weather.

This system is typical for remote areas or where the cost of grid installation is very expensive.

Our methodology

We install our own energy measurement and logging equipment. This with analyses of your electricity account for at least twelve months we can properly advice and quote you for the best possible system with most favorable return on investment.