Power quality (wave forms and harmonics) are affected by the customer’s electrical load. All utility suppliers penalise or charge consumer for poor power factor.

Power factor (PF) is measured to a factor of 1. 1 being perfect power efficiency.

Poor power factor increases your kVA demand peak, and your utility provider charges you for this. An efficient power factor system increases your power factor continuously to 1 or a point very close to 1 like 0.98. the more efficient your power PF the lower your peak demand (kVA) will be and the lower your utility charges will be.

A proper PF system will pay for itself in savings on your energy cost and keep saving you money long after.

Power factor and generators.

Traditional capacitor-based systems have a draw back in that switching time is slow and can cause leading power factor (i.e., 1.1 pf). These leading power factor causes a destabilization in your backup generators.

Static Var Generators

The SVG operates by detecting the load current, analysing the reactive content and then injecting the exact reverse reactive compensating current on an instantaneous real-time basis enabling perfect compensation on each phase for both inductive and capacitive loads.

Active Power Filter (APF) systems

APF is a step further than SVG systems.

An APF system includes the following:

  • Harmonic compensation: (filtering any order from 2nd to 50th harmonic)
  • Power Factor compensation: (compensating in real-time to maintain power factor at >0.99)
  • Phase Imbalance compensation: (reducing the peak current demand tariff on electricity bills)

Typical applications:

  • Malls, shopping centres, office blocks, hospitals, printing works, processing plants, Data centres, pumping stations and all applications where harmonic generating equipment is utilised, such as variable speed drives (VSD’s) rectifiers, battery charges, UPS’s, Power supplies, LED lighting.
  • Plastic industry machinery: (e.g. extruders, injection moulders)
  • Loads with low power factor: Motors, cables, lightly loaded transformers, lighting, etc

Managing var, harmonics and load balancing ensures smoother running of your generators and compliments fuel consumption while protecting sensitive equipment.

We incorporate this when planning your needs for backup power generation.